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EXTREME FIRE DANGER! If you have a fire on your property and it involves Southeast Electric poles, please call us immediately at 775-8762/8761.  Thank you!


Because we are owned and operated by our members, SECO diligently provides electrical energy at affordable rates. Rates are reviewed annually. Our last increase in rates was on January 1, 2010.  This is the first rate increase since January, 2001, during which time most costs have been increasing such as fuel prices, child care, wood products, etc. 

Residential Base Rate

  • $30.00 / month (most residences)
  • $360 / year  (annual stock water wells)


  • $.094 (per kilowatt-hour)
  • $.06 (per kilowatt-hour for heat meters Oct 1st – Apr 30th)

Forfeited Discount:

  • Charged to payments received after 15th of the month of 10% of the amount due. 

Security Lights (rental)

SECO has yardlights available for purchase or rent. Purchased lights are wired thru the meter.  All kWh and maintenance are paid by the member. Rental lights are wired before the meter.  All kWh and maintenance are paid by the cooperative. 

     Security Light Rental Costs

  • $8.00 / month  (150 and 175 watt)
  • $10.50 / month (400 watt)
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